Describe Command

June 03, 20201 minute read

The describe command is used to list all test cases or describe the contents of test cases without having to open the test case file itself.

$ api-test -f file.json describe --help

List test cases or describe the contents in a test case.

USAGE: api-test [-v] -f file_name describe [ARGS]

  -h (--help)                 print this message

  <empty>                     List all test case.
  <test_case_name>            Describe a test case.
  <test_case_name>  <path>    Describe a test case property using json path.

'api-test -f test.json describe', 'api-test -f test.json describe test_case_1', 'api-test -f test.json describe test_case_1 body'

Using the command

Listing all test cases

Run api-test -f file.json describe

$ api-test -f test.json describe

S.N.  Test case
1     invalid_post_api
2     my_first_test_case
3     post_api

Viewing test case contents

$ api-test -f test.json describe my_first_test_case

  "path": "/books",
  "query": {
    "id": "1"

Viewing only required attributes

You can use the JSON path to access nested attributes.

$ api-test -f test.json my_first_test_case path

$ api-test -f test.json my_first_test_case query
  "id": "1"

$ api-test -f test.json my_first_test_case